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Australians are going online everyday to look for information in regards to end of life issues. In fact, there are over a million searches every month for just funeral related keywords. It’s a sensitive and delicate issue to talk about but the reality is, Australians need and are seeking out information online. And with an ageing population who are increasingly looking to plan ahead, this need is growing.

Over the past few years, we’ve created a series of online resources which readers regularly use and trust. These include in-depth guides relating to funerals, cremation, memorials, legal considerations, and cemeteries. Trusted by our readers, we are often asked to provide a recommendation for a reputable provider.

So to help our readers, we’ve created a directory for Australian death care providers in the industry. This will help our audience find trusted partners for services they’re looking for. For you,it will be a chance to promote your business online and speak directly with potential customers.




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As you already know, doing business in a sensitive industry like death care comes with a unique set of responsibilities and ethics. So areas like marketing require careful consideration.

When you join the AtPeace community, you get peace of mind knowing that we understand the delicate and sensitive nature of the industry. Our founder, Adam Binstock, has extensive experience in the death services industry and knows the issues firsthand. Our readers both value and trust the advice we provide.

This directory is for you:

  • If you know the importance of online marketing but are hesitant about what to do.
  • If you’re careful about how & where you advertise online.
  • If you want to find more customers online.
  • If you want a way for potential nearby customers to find you online.
  • If you want an effective way to build a presence online.
  • Want to partner with a website that understands the sensitive and delicate nature of the industry.

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Who is Adam Binstock?

My name is Adam Binstock and I’m the founder of I’m an online marketing consultant (With a Bachelor of Commerce-Marketing), who has also grown up and worked in a family monumental masonry business.

As you know, being in business in the death care industry is extremely unique. It’s a service which requires compassion, respect, and patience. And this diligence needs to be applied with any marketing.

Working in the family business and dealing face to face with customers, funeral directors, masons, and cemeteries, has given so much insight into this fascinating industry. And with a professional background in marketing, it also helped me create a valuable resource that’s used by thousands of Australians per month.

Make no mistake, Australians are looking for information, advice, and referrals online. And for businesses want a way to ethically market their services to them.

Details of what’s included:

  • Join Australia’s only dedicated network for trusted death care providers.
  • Be recognised as a trusted and verified provider in Australia.
  • Upload your business locations and edit your listing, as often as you like.
  • List all your contact details including office address, website and phone number.
  • Speak with potential customers directly through your business listing.
  • List all your relevant categories so you can be found for multiple search phrases.
  • Upload elegant images to enhance your listing and promote your services.
  • Add links to your social media accounts within your listing.
  • Options for increased promotion on homepage and category pages.


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