Monumental Masons in Australia

Monumental Masons in Australia: Choosing the right business

While you might not know too much about a monumental mason, their work is one of the oldest trades across many cultures. Deeply personal and customised, the work of creating monument combines the skill of stonemasonry, writing, and aesthetic appreciation.

Hiring a qualified monumental mason can mean the difference between having a headstone that meets not only the physical lasting qualities, but also the charm and presence when placed at the burial site. Knowing what to look for and where to find the best monumental mason possible is essential when selecting a memorial.

Rather than be overwhelming, the process of trying to find a suitable provider can be simple. By knowing a few simple basics, you can have a greater understanding of where to look, and who to choose.

Finding a Monumental Mason

Location of the cemetery plot

Before knowing which company to choose, the first step should be deciding on a particular cemetery (If no arrangements have been made) and section. This decision will be based on geographical location, costs, religious affiliation, and your monument preferences.

Knowing where the burial plot will be located, you can then find out about the cemetery rules and regulations for that particular cemetery/section. Unlike other professions, it is common within cemeteries that only specific monumental masons will be licensed and insured to work there. Check if the cemetery has a list of all the qualified and licensed monumental masons.

Cemetery recommendation

One possible option for finding a reputable mason is simply by asking the cemetery administration for their advice. Often cemeteries will have a good working relationship with a number of monumental masons in their cemetery.

Cemetery visit

Have a walk through the cemetery and look at existing memorials that catch your eye. Try and find a monument that appeals to you- pay attention to the type of material used, shape, colour, and any other noticeable features. Noting the location of the memorial, you can then and inquire about which mason has created it. Sometimes there’s a company marking on the stone, if not ask the cemetery staff.

Monumental Mason Associations

If you are looking for a list of approved monumental masons, these providers will belong to reputable associations. Here you will be able to learn some deeper insights into the history of monumental masons, the code of ethics they adhere to, and ideas on how to purchase the right gravestone for your loved one. More importantly it guarantees a certain level of quality and professional standards. Have a look online to see what monumental mason associations are located in your city:

A major part of finding the right monumental mason is knowing what questions to ask them. A good stone mason will be able to advise you on the most suitable memorial that meets your tastes and budget. They should also know what regulations and restrictions (From the cemetery) that affect the building of the monument. Lastly, they should be sensitive to your needs and not pressure you into ordering a memorial. Below is a list of some useful questions to ask the mason: