Cremation Urns

Cremation Urns

Creating a personal meaning from the loss of loved one is and important part of the healing process. There are a lot of emotions all built around an absence and the array of choices of what to do next. For families opting for cremation, this means knowing what to do with the departed’s ashes. One option that’s very appealing is honouring their loved one with a cremation urn.

Cremation urns come in a variety of materials and styles that are designed to commemorate the departed. If you’re not too sure about what cremation urn is right, have a look at these ideas below to inspire you.

Wood Urns

These can be simple boxes, or ornate with inlays and designs. Should you seek out a function, there are even clocks and other elements to be put in that add an elegance and memory that is unique to the warmth that wooden urns bring.

Stone Urns

The natural elegance of stone urns are one of the most appealing features about them. Created out of stone, these urns are often heavier than other types. These can be ideal of indoor or outdoor locations, and be made out of marble for a piece that endures for many years.

Metal Urns

Should you wish to put a lot of personality onto an urn, metal urns could be your top choice. Often lightweight and able to have intricate designs, from floral to camo put onto them. Metal urns can make for a sophisticated choice when thinking of an urn that balances both design and weight.

Living Urns

These urns can be thought of as highly connected to nature. Birdhouse urns for example allow for a memorial and housing habitat, giving a symbolic meaning to the spirit living on in life. Biodegradable urns, which are naturally connected to the earth, allow for a person who wishes to return to the earth in a fitting way.