Finding A Funeral Director

Finding A Funeral Director In Australia

At a time of distress, choosing the right funeral director can make a world of difference. In a role that blends counselling, planning, and medical practices, a funeral director’s main role is to assist you with the logistics involved with a loved one passing away.

Regardless of what you have experienced in the past with funeral directors, it is important to have an updated understanding of how a funeral director can help you.

In case you’re not sure about which funeral director or company to choose, this article will walk through some of the things to look for, and where to find the most suitable home.

Funeral director’s role

The simplest way to think of a funeral director is someone who is an expert in the memorial process. Not only do they know all the funeral plans that are available,but they can help you navigate the best options for your family. Typically there are a number of different functions that every funeral director will have.

Services offered

A funeral director can often give you assistance in the following areas, from the start of a loved ones passing until the memorial service is complete:

  • Giving care and advice throughout the whole process.
  • Arranging the transportation of the deceased to the funeral home.
  • Working with the cemetery or crematorium that is chosen.
  • Partnering with any spiritual figures and worship locations you pick.
  • Organising all legal documents needed for the departed.
  • Preparation of your loved one for viewing, if needed.
  • Press and media released that will be needed for announcements.
  • Collaborating with florists, caterers, musicians and other staff at the service.

Questions worth asking

Anything outside the normal spectrum of what your funeral director might normally do should be asked about, as the costs could go over your budget. In any case, a good funeral director should be able to answer all of your questions and have plenty of information for you to review. When deciding on the most suitable funeral director, it’s a good idea to be mindful of these questions:

  • What’s included: Will the funeral director provide an itemised quote? All providers should be upfront and transparent about their pricing and services.
  • Services offered: Does the funeral director offer all the services that you’re interested in choosing for the function?
  • Budget: Are the costs of the funeral home within your budget? Is it a fair and reasonable price compared to other funeral directors?
  • Religious and cultural factors: Is the funeral home in line with your religious and cultural values?

Searching for a Funeral Home

If you’re living in an urban location, there should be quite a few funeral providers to have a look at. To get an idea about services and pricing, it’s a good idea to have a look at two or three different places. There are a number of ways you can do this, both online and offline.

  • Company websites: Do a search in Google to see what funeral homes are located in your area. Most places will have a website with enough information to do some thorough research.
  • Directories: You might be able to find reputable funeral directors on online directory sites like the Yellow pages or other specific funeral directories like the Australian Funeral Directors Association.
  • Walk-in: If you know the physical location of a few funeral homes, go in and speak with a director.
  • Word of mouth: If you have friends and family that have dealt with a provider before, get a recommendation from them.

Funeral Organisations

Within Australia, there are a number of organisations that have been created to maintain a high professional standards within the industry. These organisations have created their own rules of conduct which members need to follow. Most funeral homes are usually affiliated with at least one, but it’s always a good idea to check for peace of mind. Some of the most notable organisations include: