Funeral Planning Checklist

Funeral Planning Checklist Australia: Getting started

With so many things to consider when planning a funeral, it can be a little daunting to think about. However doing some smart research and planning can leave you feeling prepared and relieved. Apart from peace of mind, having a well thought out funeral plan can help you save money.

Who is this funeral checklist for?

– Immediate Planning: anyone needing to organise a funeral quickly for a loved one.

– Planning in advance: anyone wanting to plan their own funeral in advance.

This checklist will help you easily go through some of the key decisions when planning a funeral. You’ll also notice that within this funeral checklist there are references to other relevant funeral guides. If you want to find out more about something before making a decision, take a look at some of the more specific articles.

Basic Preparation

  • Notify a doctor in order to obtain a death certificate
  • Notify friends and relatives
  • Check whether the deceased has made a will/requests or any prior funeral arrangements
  • Check if any funds or insurance packages have been allocated for funeral expenses
  • Gather any important documents of the deceased for the funeral director

Funeral Service Preparation

There are a lot of decisions to make when planning a funeral service for either yourself or a loved one. These decisions are usually made with the help of the funeral director you’re working with. They will be able to provide advice and guidance on all funeral related matters, so don’t be overwhelmed by the list below. However to get you thinking about the funeral service, here is a list of all the common decisions that usually need to be made down the line.

Major Funeral decisions

If Burial is chosen

If Cremation is decided

Participants in the service

  • Selecting who will be the pallbearers
  • Choosing a location (In a church, chapel, cemetery, etc) & time of the service
  • Deciding between burial or cremation

If Burial is chosen