Brian Norman Funeral Celebrant

Amid the Sorrow, Celebrating the Life of Someone Loved
The loss of a loved-one is often accompanied by an enormous sense of grief and loss.  Even if their death was expected, the reality of your loved one’s passing can be very painful, sometimes overwhelming, and many emotions can surface, including guilt and anger.  Sudden and unexpected death can be accompanied by a sense of shock and disbelief and the thought of preparing for a funeral can be very distressing.
Of course, sometimes people say that they do not wish to be gloomy and that they want to celebrate the life of their loved-one, to recall their achievements and to remember all the good that they did.
A funeral can be helpful, no matter what thoughts and emotions are swirling about, by allowing the loss of your loved one to be expressed in a loving way that truly reflects their life.
When you gather to say your good-byes, you come together to celebrate and to grieve their loss and also to affirm the bonds which held and still hold you close to your loved one.  A thoughtfully prepared funeral service provides opportunities for expressions of love, gratitude and sorrow to be shared.

Many people choose to celebrate the life of their loved-one through music, readings, eulogies and stories, photographic slide-shows and/or meaningful ritual.

People choose to have a civil celebrant conduct a funeral for their loved-one for various reasons.  They may have no religious beliefs or may have lost connection with their church over the years or simply feel that a church service may restrict the way they wish to celebrate the life of their loved one and to say their good byes.
A funeral service conducted by a celebrant is not constrained by a particular ritual and each service is personalised to reflect the life of the person who has died and the needs of those left behind.  It may not contain any religious elements but, equally, it can reflect the person’s faith and hope and beliefs.
The service can be held in one place (a private home, funeral home, community space, function centre, park or chapel) or it can move from one place to the final destination at the graveside or crematorium.
As a celebrant, I work with a family to find the forms of expression that are appropriate to their loved-one and to help with their individual needs at this difficult time.  I try to listen to what is in their hearts.  Even if, as sometimes happens, there are differences about how a loved-one should be farewelled, we can generally come up with a service in which everyone can feel that their needs have been honoured.
I have extensive resources of poetry and prose, both religious and non-religious.  I can also work with you to incorporate expressions or ritual that are meaningful to you or which you think your loved-one might have wanted or liked.
As a member of Funeral Celebrants Association Australia, I am committed to professional development for Funeral Celebrants and work within the Association’s Code of Conduct.
Memorial Services
Sometimes people choose to hold a private funeral followed by a memorial service, to which they invite extended family, friends, colleagues, etc.  A venue is chosen to provide suitable space and and ambiance.
Increasingly, people hold gatherings to mark the scattering or interment of the ashes of a loved-one.  Should you require assistance, please let me know.
Whatever your needs, I am happy to work with you.

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