Elizabeth Ayre Funeral Celebrant

The passing of a loved one is an emotional time for friends and family. It is an important and significant occasion requiring sincerity, passion, understanding, support, guidance, dignity and the warmth of sharing special memories of the life journey of a special person. I have spent a lifetime with older people and experienced the passing of friends, family and special people in my own life journey. I have experienced the passing from young babes, teenagers, unexpected early passing and treasured older persons. I will empathise with you and assist with combining a loving and truly memorable tribute to your loved one. We all celebrate Life at different stages- birth, adulthood, marriage, family and final farewells. These special milestones represent a unique journey to be celebrated, particularly at a funeral or memorial service when we all want to recall and respect someone who has made a difference in lives of many people in many ways – family member, friend, neighbour, work colleague or special person.

I will meet with you at your home or a place of your choice. You will have my total assistance and guidance through all arrangements and services.

I consider your choice for my assistance an honour and a privilege. To be shown mementoes, images and witness recollections of a dearly loved one is a very special trust by a family. Whatever you need assistance with or advice about I will freely embrace and do my utmost to honour your family and your loved one in a fittingly and appropriate service. My strength and purpose will guide you through your emotional time .I will liaise closely with the Funeral Company of your choice. We will come together as family, friends and respectful attendees to celebrate in a fitting tribute your loved one’s life.

Let me be your earthly “angel” with love, trust, dignity, experience and understanding.

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