Jennifer Osis Funeral Celebrant

A funeral or memorial service is about celebrating the life of a departed loved one.  It is remembering a person who has held a special place in your life.  As a Civil Celebrant I believe is  important that the ceremony encompasses the life of the passed loved one, carefully prepared with the family.

A service generally includes some or all of the elements below. However, I am guided by the family or the person who is organising the funeral as to the content of the service.

•  Music as mourners enter the chapel
•  A welcome and introduction
•  Reading by the celebrant
•  Eulogy/Biography
•  Tribute/s by family members or friends
•  Reading
•  Reflection time with music
•  Committal
•  Music as mourners leave the chapel

The Eulogy is one of the most important parts of a service and brings pleasure and comfort to those attending.  I can write the eulogy for you or I can work with the family or close friends to craft the eulogy together.  I can deliver the Eulogy on behalf of the family or the family member or a friend may wish to do so.

I will visit with the family as many times as necessary to gather background details and to write a eulogy appropriate to the family’s wishes.

Music is an important part of every ceremony. Particular pieces are often chosen because they have a special significance in our relationship with the deceased.  Music creates a mood which helps to put us in touch with our memories – a very important part of assisting in our grief.

The service may include a quiet time for reflection; it may include suitable readings, and personal anecdotes help to convey the true character of your loved one.

Symbols are often included in the funeral service. Flowers always reflect love – flowers from a family garden are very special.

Candles are used in many ceremonies, and help create an atmosphere of fond memories. All of these elements are brought together in such a way as to create a truly memorable service – a celebration of life, a recognition of your loved one’s unique place in our world.

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