MyEndNotes: Funeral Planning For The Future

There has been a lot of recent discussion in Australian about the importance of an open dialogue when it comes to death. The agenda is being pushed by organisations such as the Groundswell project, who claim that 90% of people never tell anyone about their end of life wishes. This is a strikingly high statistic but is this about to change?

One area that will benefit from this change is funeral planning. While seemingly awkward to talk about, the benefits of funeral planning far outweigh the drawbacks. It can be financially wise, provide a sense of relief, and help the family left behind to make rational decisions.

Moving people in the right direction for end of life planning is Stephanie Longmuir, founder of MyEndNotes. MyEndNotes is a platform that allows a person to document their end of life preferences and share it with the people who will need to make those decisions. 

stephanie-longmuir-300x200Stephanie is funeral celebrant with in depth knowledge of the industry and has seen some of the issues first hand. One issue that was reoccurring was with families not knowing what their loved ones would’ve wanted. In search of a solution to this common problem, she went about creating a digital platform.

Who will benefit from this tool?:

  • Individuals who want to have a say over their funeral arrangements. It can give them a sense of relief and control that everything is organised.
  • Families who don’t need to stress about making last minute funeral arrangements.
  • Funeral directors & celebrants working with a client to put together an end of life plan.

Main Features Of MyEndNotes:


With specific questions included, the platform allows someone to put all their plans and preferences in one place. That way anyone tasked with organising a funeral or any other arrangements, only needs to look in one document. Instructions include:

  • Whether or not a funeral director has been chosen and if so, their details.
  • Preferences for burial or cremation and whether any arrangements have been made

Wishes & Details:

Asking a range of questions, these sections allow a person to really detail their ideal service. These questions cover all aspects of the service including:

  • Choosing a specific type of coffin or casket
  • Creating a funeral or death notice
  • Music that will be played at the service
  • Readings and poetry to be read by a specific person
  • Deciding on a flower arrangement (If any)
  • Any particular rituals for during or after the service
  • Planning a post funeral gathering

Life Story:

Another feature of MyEndNotes is the story section, which allows a person to write down all dates, stories, and memories that can be included in their eulogy. They can also nominate a particular person to deliver their eulogy. With limited time to gather information before a funeral service, the task of preparing and delivering a eulogy can be overwhelming. The process of writing down these notes can be a nostalgic experience, but also give the person more control over what is said during eulogy.


Notification & Documents:

There’s quite a bit of administration and paperwork after a person’s death. Part of this is notifying relevant agencies, companies, and organisations to which the deceased was affiliated with. The notification section allows the person to create a detailed list of every person and organisation that needs to know about their death. This will range from family and friends, right through to superannuation companies.

The document section provides details about important documents such as wills, date of birth, marriage certificates, etc. A person can detail who is in control of it and where it is located. This knowledge can be extremely useful for people like the executor, who is responsible for organising funeral arrangements and managing the estate.

PDF DocumentPDF:

Once all the person’s information and preferences have been finalised, the MyEndNotes application conveniently converts everything to a simple PDF document. This document can then be emailed, or it can be printed and sent to every person that needs a copy. This feature is probably the most subtle but undoubtedly the most useful in making sure the right people can easily access this document.

Get planning today:

If you’re looking to document your plans and preferences for the future, I would highly recommend MyEndNotes platform. It’s simple, very detailed, and easy to share with the right people. Visit today to get started.