Pet Memorial Ideas

Pet Memorial Ideas: When Your Pet Passes Away

Pet memorials

Pets have a special place within families and are often central figures. They can be guardians, companions, children, and sometimes a combination of all three together.

When a pet passes away, it can be a painful time that reminds you how important they were to you. Naturally, you may wish to memorialise your pet in some way- for which there are a number of choices. Choosing a fitting memorial your pet can help draw closure around your loss in a loving and healing way.

Pet Burial Choices

Your family might already have traditions set in place for when a pet passes away. For others, a pet passing away is a new event they’ve never encountered before. No matter where you are, below are some of the most common ways in which pets are traditionally remembered when they have passed on. Of course you can always create your own ideas, but this guide allows you to pick what could be suitable.

Backyard Burial

One of the most common and easiest options for a family, the backyard burial involves placing a pet close to home. Often put within a type of ‘casket’, however simple or ornate, the pet is then placed within a dug grave. Given words, gifts, or pictures, a pet can be placed close to home. Choosing a favourite sitting, play, or sleeping area outside is often ideal, but places outside of commonly frequented spots could be wise if young children are present. Gardens either already existing are another way to remember the pet who has passed away in a symbolic way to say that life continues.


A process that turns remains into ashes, cremation is also a popular option for pet memorials. Like with human cremation, families have two options for what they do with their pet’s remains: scatter them in a particular location or keep them in some sort of container.

Cremation scattering offers a way to symbolically let go of a pet. Done at a place that is of importance, you can choose from a wide variety of locations. Parks, beaches, and other locations that your pet frequented can be given thought, provided there are no council restrictions in place. It’s always a good idea to check with the local council before making any arrangements.

Should you rather keep the ashes closer to you, a cremation urn or keepsakes jewellery grave would be a better fit for your needs.


Pet urns are also a popular and fitting way to preserve the memory of your pet. Containing your pet’s ashes, an urn is an elegant choice that will meet your budget. Often made from ceramics, metal, and stone, it displays a name and date on the surface of the urn. In either case, urns can be placed within a garden, home, or at another site that holds a special meaning.

Pet Cemetery

One of the more recent creations, pet cemeteries have become popular in many locations throughout Australia. Out of our adoration for pets within a family, these locations cater to owners who wish to honour their smallest members of the family. Headstones and gardens are a few of the choices that are similar to the human counterparts in other locations. Since specific conditions usually apply to each cemetery, the wisest option is to make inquiries at a location and see what their restrictions are for pet cemeteries.

Pet Memorial Monuments

Once you have selected the right place or area to remember your pet, the next step would be to choose a pet memorial marker. This final stage of the memorial, the markers below allow you to have a physical representation of your pet’s memory. In certain situations, you might consider having more then one memorial marker depending on the loved ones involved or locations you wish to commemorate.


Memorial Stones

Pet memorial stones range across a variety of materials and features. As a smaller option, river stones are another choice that can fit into the palm. Embellished with the name of your pet and a meaningful date in enamel, the simple design is portable and can be easily placed wherever you please. Given engravings with your pet’s name, birth and passing year, a stone memorial can be put at the burial site or kept at a dedicated place within the home as a place of remembrance.

Pet Plaques

Expressing a diverse set of needs, plaques range in different materials and ideas. Bronze plaques are a stylish option, creating a depth of words, messaging, and dates across a shiny tinted surface. Granite, one of the most popular stone choices, becomes a levelled surface and can be treated in a similar way to a traditional headstone with engravings and decoration. Photo enamel plaques feature a photograph, and offer a unique way to display larger pieces of wording, while displaying a direct representation of your beloved pet.

Pet Caskets

Should you choose to have a burial instead of a cremation, having a casket for your pet might be the right decision. Depending on what company you choose, the variety of options for a casket will be plentiful. You might try for a satin lined, white marble casket with cushioning. Those seeking out a casket that can be personalised could try a wooden casket. The option to customise with paint, ribbons, or other decorations, a wooden casket is ideal for children wishing to express grief for a pet who has passed away.